February 1995 // Volume 33 // Number 1

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JOE Acquires Internet Domain Name of joe.org


James C. Summers
President of the Board

Ellen M. Ritter

JOE Acquires Internet Domain Name of joe.org

In an effort to make the Journal of Extension easier to reach, JOE has acquired the Internet domain name joe.org. Having its own Internet domain name gives JOE an identity on the Internet. This identity shows the commitment of JOE to bring you a high quality, Internet-delivered publication.

For our readers, this means that JOE will now be found at joe.org, rather than the addresses associated with our host institutions - joe.ext.vt.edu and joe.uwex.edu. Because JOE is a non-profit organization, and not affiliated with any specific educational institution, we can use the ".org" top-level Internet domain name. In addition, current plans call for JOE to be published at a different Extension institution every 2 years. By using "joe.org" you will not need to change how you access JOE every 2 years.

To use the new domain name, simply use "joe.org" in place of "joe.ext.vt.edu" (or "joe.uwex.edu") when you access JOE. Specifically, Almanac readers should send e-mail to almanac@joe.org. Those who use gopher can connect to joe.org. On the World Wide Web, use gopher://joe.org/11/joe. For those who maintain a Gopher server, you should now use the link:

Name=Journal of Extension

The existing instructions call for you to access JOE at joe.ext.vt.edu. While this domain name will continue to work for now, we suggest that you start using the new joe.org domain name immediately.