The Journal of Extension -

For JOE Institutional Delegates

As the JOE Institutional Delegate for Extension professionals within your university, you are asked to begin or renew your commitment as your institution's contact to the Extension Journal, Inc. Board of Directors. Your efforts in communicating with your Extension colleagues the benefits and rewards of the Journal of Extension are much appreciated.

Email any questions or comments you might have to Gary Jackson. The president-elect is the designated Board contact with JOE Institutional Delegate and will provide leadership for the Institutional Delegates' coordinating committee. The Board members from each of the Extension Directors/Administrators' organizations (6) and the 1994 Extension administrators (1) will service as the coordinating committee for the JOE Institutional Delegates. The coordinating committee responsibilities include:

  • Assist Extension directors and administrators in identifying and recruiting JOE Institutional Delegates,

  • Provide orientation and support for JOE Institutional Delegates, and

  • Establish effective communication with and among JOE Institutional Delegates.

To ensure effective communication between the Board of Directors and Institutional Delegates, the Board will consider periodic teleconferences with representatives at a regional level if such communication is needed. The Board of Directors thanks you for your role in acting as an active representative between your colleagues and the Journal of Extension.